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Memory Lane: After Hours

Visiting hours are closed, because this road isn't the same at night. What hides in where there is absence of light, consumes people, some never return, and are never seen again. Some may make it out, but are never the same. It's interesting, maybe even ironic, this road; Memory Lane, I think everyone should take a trip at least once at some time in their life. However, I don't think anyone should go alone. For some this road is blocked completely, without them even knowing. For others, the choice to stay as far from it, is a very conscious choice. Just like for all else, there's a time and place. A trip down Memory Lane is quite a trip indeed, but important for the health of all other roads, highways, bridges, trips and traffic elsewhere; for how we navigate life.

By Josh MorganPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Top Story - May 2024
Memory Lane: After Hours
Photo by Kelvin Han on Unsplash

this road, memory lane–

visiting hours are closed

i can't stay too long

this road isn't as safe in the night

a hot wind blows a burning song, lyrics i cannot fight

wrongs i have, and wrongs i cannot right

i wouldn't say, this place is a paradise

i would say– an art gallery, of every mask i've destroyed

decisions made from a flip of a coin and a pair of dice

first and last thoughts, and all on which i didn't think twice

choices, words of both the foolish, and the wise–

and voices, unpaired to a pair of eyes

faces i painted, to play a part,

and stains that never washed away

there are gaps in the art

voids fill the space of what i've forgotten

noises from the faceless, a blur so rotten

it's not all bad

but these walls have gotten taller

the list is longer, numbers i can't call back

it's paper, not people, that talk back

there's a page in my journal that's all black

on it is a history, of misery written in beautiful detail

all on which i hope not to fall back

memories bittersweet, re-tell the stories–

valleys i had to walk through

storms i had to talk to

clouds i chose to fall through

hills i've died on, without any flowers–

and mountains i never made it over

black moods, dark rooms, empty tombs– after hours

white lies and the bright light required for shadows to exist

but it's not all bad, right?

the sermons of self hatred have been silenced

i stood in the choir i was preaching to,

because it was my soul that needed reaching to

i left the world where everyone was a stranger

for a while it was acceptance and understanding that were things strange to me

it was the change in surroundings, that gave change to me

it used to be so hard to relax

rearranged thoughts, not to relapse

in all hope not to fall back

lost contacts, numbers i can't call back

to keep in contact with the new me

further down this road, i see–

lanes closed, bridges that used to be

that give me,

an ominous sense, of Déjà Vu

this road, i've gone so far, but there's far too much to continue

i can't stay too long, if i take one wrong turn

it'll be me, not the bridges, that burn

memory lane, it's not the same, after hours

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About the Creator

Josh Morgan

I began writing as a means of expressing creativity, relieving stress, and venting emotions. I mention my daily battle with mental health a lot, I hope it is relatable and inspiring to readers, as writing is something I'm passionate about.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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Comments (7)

  • Carol Townend28 days ago

    I can relate. Echos from memories from the past leave scars and marks that never fade, especially when we feel bad about change. This is a great top story!

  • Gloria Penelope28 days ago

    congrats on top story!

  • Your poem took me on a journey through the corridors of memory, illuminating the quiet moments that often go unnoticed during the bustling hours of the day. The imagery you painted, from the flickering streetlights to the whispered secrets of the night, created a vivid and atmospheric landscape that resonated deeply with me. What struck me most about your poem was the way you captured the essence of nostalgia and longing, weaving a tapestry of emotions that tugged at the heartstrings. Through your words, I could feel the bittersweet ache of reminiscence and the yearning for days gone by. Additionally, your mastery of language and rhythm is evident throughout the poem. The cadence of your verses and the rich imagery you employ create a captivating reading experience that lingers in the mind long after the last stanza. Thank you for sharing your talent and insight with the world through your writing. "Memory Lane After Hours" is a testament to your ability to evoke emotion and spark introspection through your poetry. I look forward to reading more of your work and embarking on further journeys through the landscapes of memory with you. Warm regards, Dr. Jay

  • The Dani Writer28 days ago

    Memory lane has all sorts of take-aways. Good food for thought and congratulations on the top story.

  • Anna 29 days ago

    Congrats on Top Story! :)

  • Joe O’Connor30 days ago

    This is really beautiful, I particularly liked how you wove the title 'after hours' into the poem. There's something so vivid about you imagery!

  • Kayleigh Fraser ✨about a month ago

    Wow. Countdown to this being top story, Josh. This is truly excellent. 👌 🌟

Josh MorganWritten by Josh Morgan

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