Amidst Things Nasty

On the heart of flesh and its capability

Amidst Things Nasty
(Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash)

If you really think about it,

A heart of flesh can be a very nasty thing.

Hearts of flesh are

Sticky and icky,

Bleeding and leaking.

It floods with blood

And oozes with fluid.

However, if you really think about it,

It pales in comparison to a heart of stone.

Hearts of stone are

Cold and stoic,

Chalky and rocky.

It’s rough and tough,

Neither glad nor sad.

Amidst all things nasty,

A heart of flesh loves.

It can love the Father of hearts wholeheartedly.

It can follow the Forsaken-Son, forsaking all.

It can keep in step with the Step-Setter.

Another great thing is that:

Amidst all things nasty,

A heart of flesh can love

Those of us who are made of flesh.

Even though we consist of

Bones, and brows,

Muscles, and teeth,

Hair, and ears,

Eyes, and feet.

If you really think about it,

Even though it’s a nasty thing,

A heart of flesh is a very beautiful thing.

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Noah Servant-Of-All
Noah Servant-Of-All
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