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Alone With My Thought


By Lightbringer Published 3 months ago 1 min read

In shadows deep, where silence weaves its song,

A soul in turmoil, where the nights grow long.

Beneath the weight of sorrow, heavy, vast,

A heart entangled in the echoes of the past.

In the quiet chambers of a restless mind,

Depression's tendrils, cruel and unkind.

Anxiety's whispers, a relentless tide,

In the tempest of emotions, the soul must bide.

Yet, in the abyss where darkness dwells,

A flicker of strength within the heart swells.

Oh, weary traveler of the inner storm,

Hold on, for within you, resilience is born.

In the mirror of despair, see the glint of light,

A beacon of hope, banishing the endless night.

Through the haze of doubt, let courage rise,

For within your spirit, a phoenix lies.

Let tears fall like rain, cleansing the soul,

Embrace the wounds that time shall make whole.

In the tapestry of pain, find threads of grace,

For strength emerges in the broken's embrace.

Whispers of tomorrow, a promise to keep,

In the arms of perseverance, find solace deep.

The sun will rise, painting skies anew,

A canvas of resilience, just for you.

Hold on, dear heart, to the fragments of today,

In the symphony of healing, find your way.

The journey is arduous, the path may be long,

But within your spirit, an unyielding song.

So, when the tempest rages, and shadows play,

Remember, dear one, you'll find the light of day.

In the crucible of struggle, courage belongs,

Stay strong, for within you, hope prolongs.

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  • Rowan Finley 3 months ago

    I really like this line... "Hold on, dear heart, to the fragments of today." Great job!

  • The ending was very positive and hopeful. Loved your poem!

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