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The Greatest Gift to the Self

By Jamie LeFebvre Published 2 years ago 5 min read
Photo by Lucas Myers on Unsplash

There once was girl, her name is to be left unknown,

Who was told by a love, that she would die all alone.

And to her he pointed a finger, and he told many lies,

When it was him that was hiding, a master of disguise.

He said so many bad things, in opposition to her character.

He will regret what had said, when she is gone, and even way long after.

He knew nothing of loyalty or an unconditional love,

And it is now not just with her, but them, together they are the ones from above.

The ones who are bigger and brighter than any of them shine,

Who sacrificed for us long ago, his life in exchange for your time.

And what have you done with temporal gift, have you been kind?

Kind have you been not, soured like pickled brine.

Hell is where the bad forsake the good, and that is where they live,

God no longer cares about your “prayers”, no longer cares to forgive.

To follow his footsteps and his path of peace,

To love unconditionally, it is not an easy feat.

The world has done the same as if you are all on repeat.

But he did it for you and you have forsaken?

Should it have been you and your life, the one that was taken.

He will not again offer a sacrifice of good people,

While you collect your greed in offerings of decorated steeples.

This time the good souls, will no longer suffer

Not from brother, father, sister, or mother, or any other.

Or what about the boy who did not practice what he preached?

His higher self is not yet close, nor is it within reach.

Who focuses on the past, on the “he said, she said” circumstance,

Instead of being there to help mend a broken heart, his redeeming chance.

He could not do it- selfish and crude- tearing it further apart.

And it brings him full circle, right back to the start.

By not being compassionate and loving her in her greatest time of need,

He proves to be just like the others, those who enjoy watching her bleed.

I can’t think of a more monstrous thing to be done,

Especially to her, she shines like the sun.

Who has love unconditionally and has been disrespected at best,

Witnessing men who show selfless compassion, she has none to attest-

At least not in any of her romantic relations,

All the while these “men” had no problem going to station and station.

But they don’t factor those things they did which were bad,

And they do not learn from their mistakes, leaves more sin to be had.

When they take no accountability for what they did to her,

Because they block their own transgressions, it all becomes a blur.

There once was girl, her name is left to be known.

Who does not fear death, looks forward to reaping what has been sown.

And it is nearer for her, but she cannot say it aloud.

Not one could love her- for they were far too proud

Maybe they can appreciate her love and kindness when she is dead in the ground.

She won’t be here when you need her, she will no longer be around.

Such a sick world where you love people only after they have died,

Such a sick world where we cannot appreciate them while they are alive.

Such a sick work where we listen to people, only after they start to rot,

But your trespasses, Jesus and she have not yet forgot.

So I hope you read the bible-but mind you, only what is important,

Because there is so much in there that is irrelevant, agendas that are concordant.

So much propaganda- surrounded by so many false prophets.

Turns out she never lost faith because she had never truly found it.

She relied on others to preach and teach it, which made her want to quit.

And now she interprets it for herself, and she sees they missed the meaning.

And if she needs clarification, she turns to Jesus to decipher the reading.

It was not their fault- it was what they were taught.

With money and greed, your forgiveness won’t ever be bought.

But is it important to deviate away from generational trends,

By yourself you will be at your final day, no family, and no friends.

She received a message, and she knows the reason as to why we suffer.

To become grown, to be on our own, to seek our own shelter.

Not in houses that people hold over our heads,

but the place where we feel at home instead.

She was one of the only ones with a heart so pure,

Kept safe and protected by great spirits and mother nature.

They are all one in the same. We are all connected.

In her, the truth has finally been detected.

Sometimes she gets it wrong, and it is not her fault,

Humans and your lies, makes her mind do somersaults.

But if you imbeciles could stop and just let her be,

It would be in your favorite, she is the key to you being set free.

Just like you stole from her, the key to her house,

You are just a parasite to the host, cannot survive like a louse.

Jesus chose her and you all ask why?

Because of all of your deception and all of your lies.

The good-hearted woman needed love from the sky.

Jesus has watched you attempt to frame her,

He has watched you set your traps.

You forget silly ones, you reap what you sow,

Don’t you ever forget that.

He chose her because her heart was the one long enough for him to enter,

He chose her soul because she was the only one, he wanted to encounter.

She gave him a home, a place to be heard,

So now she speaks freely, spreading Jesus’ good word.

She was the only one worth of know the truth- no more unknowns,

She was the only one who gave Jesus, in her heart, a loving home.

She is not just a person, she is also a place,

Where you have treated her terribly, such a disgrace.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Jamie LeFebvre

A spirit having a human experience. Join me on this journey to popularize self-discovery, self-love, and love for mankind. Promise to never stop asking the world "Why?". Because nothing is as it was once thought to be.....

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