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Afar Beyond the Firmament

"A Poem of Phantasmagorical Wandering and Wondrous Sorcery"

By Vicky TenthPublished about a year ago 2 min read
Afar Beyond the Firmament
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

In a world beyond our own,

Where the stars stretch on and on,

There lies a realm of purest light,

Where shadows never fall at night.

In this land of endless dreams,

The impossible is made to seem,

Where the mind can roam unfettered,

And the heart is free and unencumbered.

Here, the future is laid out before us,

A path of endless possibility,

Where anything we can imagine,

Can be brought to life with a single thought.

So let us step beyond the veil,

And see what wonders await,

In this world of endless possibility,

Where our dreams are never too great.

No fear or worry can be found,

As peace and joy abound,

In a place of true contentment,

Where bliss and joy are ever-present.

A place to explore, to discover,

To be lost and found anew,

This is the land of endless possibilities,

Where the impossible comes true.

The secrets of this timeless land,

Are whispered softly on the wind,

Tales of love and courage bold,

Forever transcending ages old.

The wonder of this place sublime,

Will never cease to captivate our minds,

For it is a realm of purest bliss,

Where our hearts can truly be at rest.

Where the birds sing in sweet harmony,

And the sun shines brighter than any day,

Where the trees whisper secrets of old,

And the wind carries a tale untold.

Where the rivers run crystal clear,

And the mountains reach up to the sky,

Where the night is filled with a million stars,

And the heavens are graced by the moon's silver scars.

Where the gods stand tall and proud,

And their children dance in the clouds,

Where the seas ripple with an ancient song,

And the fairies forever sing along.

A place of enchantment and magic,

Where wishes and hopes are not so tragic,

Where joys are plentiful and rare,

And fears can be banished with a single stare.

Where the sun and moon never part,

And love is kept safe in its heart,

Where the land of dreams awaits,

And the sounds of laughter fills the air so great.The waters of eternity,

Flowing clear and cool and free,

Rise up in a mystic mist,

Carrying us on a blissful kiss.

The wind, a gentle zephyr,

Brings us to a kingdom of fire,

Where the ancient gods still abide,

And the stars sparkle with pride.

The sun, a brilliant beacon,

Lights our way through this realm of reason,

Bringing us closer to our destiny,

In this timeless place of harmony.

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