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A Threnody of Celestial Nocturne

"An ethereal reflections on a Wintery Moonlit Scene"

By Vicky TenthPublished about a year ago 2 min read
A Threnody of Celestial Nocturne
Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

In the stillness of the night,

The moon shines bright above,

Illuminating the snow-covered landscape

With its silvery light.

The frigid air is filled

With the soft hush of wonder,

As the snowflakes drift slowly

To the earth's slumber.

The glacial chill of winter

Brings forth a majestic serenity,

A grace that seems to enchant

The very soul with its euphony.

The star-speckled sky

Gives way to a brilliant display,

As the magical symphony of the night

Doth captivate and astound.

The stars twinkle in the heavens,

Their glimmering light so serene,

Reminding us of our place in the cosmos,

And of our mortality's sheen.

The night sky is an abyss of secrets,

A realm of divine mystique,

Where secrets of old are whispered

In the tongues of ancient Greek.

The frigid air is abuzz,

A chill wind whispers through the trees,

Bringing with it the ancient whispers of old,

Of the gods of yore and the mysteries.

The stars twinkle in the heavens,

A tapestry of constellations aglow,

Spreading their ethereal radiance

Across the gloaming sky of snow.

The gods of antiquity beckon me,

Inviting me to enter their realm,

Where I can discover the secrets of life

And bask in their majestic helm.

The snowflakes pirouette through the air,

Dancing in the wind;

A mystical symphony of sparkles

That never seems to end.

The winter's cold besets me,

As I stand, shivering in its chill,

But my heart is lit by a flame of fervour,

By the beauty of the wintry thrill.

The stars, like embers in the sky,

Gleam with a radiant luster,

Whilst the specter of the snow-clad trees

Stands in majestic grandeur.

The silence of the snow-clad world

Speaks of a solemn serenity,

A mystical phantasmagoria

Of timeless tranquility.

The icy gusts of Boreas,

Caress my face with a kiss,

Echoing the forlorn whispers

Of the ancient Greek abyss.

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Vicky Tenth

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