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It's fucking absorbed that I feel with out a family, a home

Things aren't good at home

Could I even call this lonesome apartment a home?

It's fucking absorbed that I'm constantly on the edge of fainting

It's fucking absorbed that I've lost more than 10 pounds from starving myself

Absorbed that I struggle with the simple tasks one must complete in life such as eating and as a result I'm lacking vitamins according to google symptoms are:

* Fatigue

* Shortness of breath

* Dizziness

* Pale or yellowish skin

* Irregular heartbeats

* Weight loss

* Numbness or tingling in your hands and feet

* Muscle weakness

* Personality changes

* Unsteady movements

* Mental confusion or forgetfulness

Symptoms that Complete me, all this symptoms fulfill me

I'm lying down with my feet raised one foot above my head, since it helps to even out the blood flow.

This is when I notice the lines

There are harmonic lines left behind by the paint brush but there's nothing harmonic about this household

Harmonic meaning the quality of how the elements are working together in a composition.

Family members being the elements

Composition being the structure of the family

But this is, this is a hostile environment

Drowning in hatred and screams

Screams so loud they had to be stoped by an angry bystander who just wanted to rest in peace in his own apartment unfortunately he was seeking peace and quiet while World War III was taking place a few doors down.

World War III decided to break out as I was studying for an United test, in grade 12 marks are very important since I'll be heading to university next year (if any accept me)

World War III decided to break out while I was trying to make up for my grades from last year out of 8 courses I only completed 3 (barely passing of course) because I was so weak mentally and physically to do all 8

All of this while I'm on the edge of fainting

It's fucking Absorbed.

I have to fight wars when I have no energy left inside of me to stand up

To stand up and scream

So I sit on the ground and scream

So I don't hit my head on the way down ones I faint.

Screaming, screaming to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be respected

All of this without weed

I believe this is the definition of absurdity.

sad poetry
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