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The Arrival of a Wizard Brings Magic to a Small Village

By wispo uganjaPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

In the small village of Willowdale, the townspeople had always believed in magic. They told stories of witches and wizards, of potions and spells, and of course, of the powerful word that could make anything happen: abracadabra.

Nobody knew where the word came from, but they all knew its power. It was said that if you said the word while waving a wand, anything you wished for would come true. Some people even claimed to have seen it happen.

But most people in Willowdale knew better than to believe in magic. They went about their daily lives, working hard in the fields and taking care of their families. They left the stories of magic to the children and the dreamers.

One day, a stranger came to Willowdale. He was tall and thin, with a long white beard and a pointed hat. He carried a large bag over his shoulder and a wand in his hand. The townspeople watched him suspiciously as he walked down the main road.

When the stranger reached the town square, he stopped and raised his wand. The people gasped as he said the word they all knew so well: abracadabra.

Suddenly, the air around the stranger began to shimmer and sparkle. The ground beneath his feet shook, and a bright light shone from his wand. The townspeople backed away, afraid of what might happen next.

But then, to their amazement, the stranger pulled a bouquet of flowers from his bag and handed them to a little girl who had been watching from the sidelines. She took them shyly, unsure of what to make of this strange man and his magic.

The stranger smiled and turned to the rest of the crowd. "I am a wizard," he announced. "And I have come to Willowdale to bring some magic into your lives."

The townspeople murmured among themselves, still unsure of what to make of this stranger. But as the days went by, they began to see that he was a kind and gentle man who only wanted to share his magic with them.

The wizard performed small acts of magic for the people of Willowdale, like making the rain stop when they needed to harvest their crops, or conjuring up a warm fire on a cold winter night. He never asked for anything in return, but the people of Willowdale began to leave him small gifts and offerings, grateful for the magic he had brought into their lives.

One day, a group of children came to the wizard, asking him to teach them how to perform magic like he could. The wizard smiled and agreed, and soon the children were gathering every day to learn from him.

He taught them how to say the magic word, abracadabra, and how to wave their wands just so. They practiced for hours every day, trying to make things levitate or disappear, just like the wizard had done.

At first, they failed more often than they succeeded. But the wizard was patient and kind, and he never gave up on them. Slowly but surely, the children began to master the art of magic.

And then, one day, something truly incredible happened. One of the children, a young girl named Lily, was practicing her spells alone in the woods when she saw a deer caught in a trap. She knew she had to help the poor animal, but she couldn't figure out how.

Suddenly, she remembered the magic word the wizard had taught her. With a wave of her wand and a whispered abracadabra, the trap sprang open, and the deer scampered away into the woods.

Lily ran back to the village, bursting with excitement. She told the wizard what had happened, and he smiled proudly. "You see, my dear," he said, "magic isn't just about levitating objects

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  • Vivid Masonganyika8 months ago

    Nice art! that really nice

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