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Abecedarian Summer

A summer embrace

By Emmy BPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Abecedarian Summer
Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

Awaken to this sunrise so bright,

Beams of golden warmth and pure delight.

Cicadas hum their rhythmic song,

Dancing leaves as the breeze prolongs.


Effervescent flowers in vibrant array,

Fragrant winds that gently sway.

Golden fields with ripening grains,

Heat shimmers on windowpanes.


Ice cream cones, that daily treat,

Joyful laughter and bare feet.

Kites soaring free in the sky,

Lingering daylight of time passing by.


Quintessential moments, memories made,

Radiant sunsets, a colorful parade.

Oceans of blue, waves gently play,

Picnics in meadows, a sweet holiday


Mellow evenings, a starry embrace,

Nostalgic whispers of summer's grace.

Swaying hammocks under a moonlit night,

Tranquil dreams until the morning light.


Underneath the celestial display,

Visions of summer, never far away.

Whispers of warmth, as the night grows cool,

Xanadu moments, a summer's day jewel.


Yearning for moments that time can't erase,

Zealous embrace of my summer's tender grace.


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Emmy B

I write some of my truths, and use words to weave stories and ideas together. Writing is a passion and an outlet for me and I hope to inspire, challenge, or simply be a reflection of others's experiences - to make people feel seen!

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  • Joe O’Connor5 months ago

    This was a lovely read- so descriptive and filled with images of summertime!

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