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A Word on Statistics

Ready to respect without envy

By bishnu prasadPublished about a year ago 1 min read
A Word on Statistics
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Out of each and every hundred individuals

the individuals who generally know better:


Uncertain of each and every step:

practically the remainder.

Prepared to help,

on the off chance that it doesn't take long:


Continuously great,

since they can't be in any case:

four — indeed, perhaps five.

Ready to respect without envy:


Prompted blunder

by youth (which passes):

sixty, give or take.

Those not to be meddled with:

forty and four.

Living in consistent apprehension

of a person or thing:


Fit for satisfaction:

twenty-some-odd probably.

Innocuous alone,

turning savage in swarms:

the greater part, without a doubt.


when constrained by conditions:

it's better not to be aware,

not even around.

Shrewd looking back:

relatively few more

than shrewd in foreknowledge.

Getting nothing out of life aside from things:


(however I might want to be off-base).

Multiplied over in torment

what's more, without a spotlight in obscurity:

83, at some point or another.

The individuals who are simply:

many at 35.

However, assuming it requires work to comprehend:


Deserving of compassion:



100 out of 100 —

a figure that has never fluctuated at this point.

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