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A tree that grows candy instead of leaves

Sugar-coated dreams on a candy tree, a world of sweetness for you and me

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read
A tree that grows candy instead of leaves
Photo by niko photos on Unsplash

In a land of pure imagination,

Where dreams become reality,

There stood a tree of fascination,

A sight to behold, pure novelty.

For it grew not leaves, but candy,

In every hue and every flavor,

From lollipops to sugar handy,

A rainbow of sweets to savor.

Children flocked from far and wide,

To marvel at this wondrous tree,

And pluck the treats from every side,

In awe of its sugary bounty.

The air was thick with sugar's scent,

As the candy tree stood proud and tall,

A testament to sweet content,

A gift from nature to us all.

Oh, how the world would change,

If such a tree were real indeed,

Our diets may be rearranged,

But surely, our sweet tooth would feed.

So let us dream of candy trees,

And the magic they would bring,

A world of sweetness, if you please,

Where candy grows in every spring.

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