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Love's Transformation

The Tale of a Mermaid's Journey to Humanity

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Love's Transformation
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

A mermaid swam beneath the waves,

With grace and beauty, she ruled the sea,

But her heart was lost, a heart enslaved,

By a human man who set her free.

She watched him from afar each day,

As he walked the beach with carefree ease,

And though she knew they were worlds away,

Her love for him could not appease.

One fateful day, a storm did rage,

And the mermaid swam to his aid,

Her love for him, a burning blaze,

In her heart, it never fade.

With all her strength, she pushed him high,

Above the waves, away from harm,

And in that moment, she knew why,

She fell in love, it was his charm.

But as she sank beneath the tide,

A transformation did take place,

Her tail did vanish, in its stead,

Two legs, a human's form, took place.

Now on the shore, the mermaid stood,

As human as the man she loved,

And though she knew it was not good,

Her heart was full, a gift from above.

For love had transformed her soul,

From mermaid to human, from sea to shore,

And though her life had a brand new goal,

Her love for him would never bore.

So hand in hand, they walked the sand,

A mermaid and her human mate,

Their love, a bond, that did expand,

A tale of transformation, a love so great.

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