A Tidal Wave

An Ode to the Moon and Several Seas

A Tidal Wave

She is the moon.

Really beautiful, I could swoon

And I am the sea.

Whenever I got angry, men would flee

She made me rise, tall and high

But she was far away, that I would just Sigh

Power was I,

Those who opposed me, I roared: die!

She was my Salvation

I was just destruction

When she heard my confession

Her 'no' was my devastation.

Why do I destroy, you ask?

Everybody gives me garbage, It is my task!

I wanted to show her I was strong!

Before I kill you, tell me where I went wrong?

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Rajarshi Banerjee

My name Is Rajarshi Banerjee and I am from Bangalore India. I have always been intrigued by this strange, heartless yet a beautiful thing called life. I  loved writing poetry  and I want to show people my vision so they can connect with me.

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