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A Song on the Wind

A poem by Arwen Corliss

By Arwen CorlissPublished about a month ago 1 min read
A Song on the Wind
Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

I heard a song on the wind

Swaying; I strayed from the path

Not thinking, lost in whim

I didn't notice when the sky started to dim

No thoughts to fear my mother's wrath

I found myself stumbling into ruins

The crumbled throne of a king of old

The decaying pillars a sight to behold

The air stilled; leaving my soul cold.

My mind gave way to flickering illusions

A feast laid there all prepared

A table lined with empty seats

Not a single guest to eat

Any of the fruits or meats

Chalices of wine with no one to share

But I heard the musicians strings

And a Lady’s laugh fill the air

Voices whispering a quiet prayer

The wind rushing through my hair

As I danced for an absent king

I felt the wind push me to a chair

I found myself hungry, then starved

All my cares discard

I ate with no regard

till there was no more that I could bear

My throat ached from thirst

Like it never had a drink

I grab a goblet before I could think

And swallowed the wine within a blink

I knew then that I was cursed

A hand around my neck

My throat began to close

I stood and suddenly froze

Abruptly hit with invisible throws

Fighting for air with no effect

The wind knocked against me with violence

I felt the cool of the marble as I hit the ground

The breaking of my bones left an echoing sound

I realized then that I would never be found

My heart seized leaving no sound but silence

I tried to call out with all my might

But no sound escaped from me

Not one soul could hear me in the night

There was only an echo, ever so light

Of a song that played on the wind


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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Welcome to the Vocal platform. I enjoyed your lovely artistic poem 😊😊. Go ahead!!!

ACWritten by Arwen Corliss

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