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A Slice of Humanity

An alien visitor hits the neighborhood pizza joint

By Cody SegravesPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 2 min read
A Slice of Humanity
Photo by Leo on Unsplash

In a world of stars and boundless skies,

Where mysteries dance before our eyes,

An alien descends, not with a frown,

To understand what makes Earth renowned.

Its gaze upon our globe's grand scheme—

Mountains, rivers, and sunbeam's gleam—

Yet, I muse on how best to display,

The essence of Earth in just one day.

Not just the seas or skies that gleam,

Or the lofty dreams that humans dream,

But a local joint, where hearths flame bright,

A pizza shop in the mellow night.

The neon sign, a welcoming call,

Promises that there's enough for all.

Through its glass, a world unfolds,

Of stories and pizzas, yet untold.

Behold the altar where cheese is king,

Tomatoes and basil their offering,

The air is sacred, thick and ripe,

With incantations of doughy type.

"Two slices," unto the priest I say,

He nods and turns to knead the clay,

His apron's stained with ancient lore,

As he summons pies from the oven's door.

Ah, here it is, a celestial plate,

Manna from some doughy state,

Cheese like heaven, sauce like grace,

A meal that puts a smile on any face.

But wait! A sip, a fizzy tune,

The soft drink hums a bubbly rune.

A potion like the evening tide,

Which with our pizza, must coincide.

And dare we ask for fries, or wings,

Each a symphony of seasoning sings,

Golden fries, like suns descend,

While wings like comets, to our table wend.

So dear alien, let’s share this feast,

You from the stars, and I, the least,

Among mankind, yet pleased to show,

The simple joys that from Earth's crust grow.

The alien hums a distant song,

A melody where all belong.

We dine and laugh, then wave goodbyes,

Our bond sealed under earthly skies.

So when you leave for stellar tiers,

You'll carry memories, even tears,

Of a shared slice in this cosmic spree,

A taste of Earth's hospitality.

As you ascend, my eyes do trace,

The pizza shop in its warm embrace,

And hope that in some distant land,

You'll recall this place, where we once planned.

Though galaxies divide our girth,

You’ve tasted now a slice of Earth,

And I'm left wondering, my brain aflame,

If pizzas are universal, are we then the same?

A mere pizza shop becomes our bridge,

Between the stars and grandma's fridge,

In a cosmos so incredibly vast,

I found a friend, I hope will last.

The night resumes its tranquil hymn,

As your ship vanishes at the horizon's rim,

Yet within me, a thought takes wing,

Of cosmic peace that pizza could bring.

And so, dear alien, as you roam,

May slices of friendship guide you home.

In your journey through the cosmic whirl,

You'll always have a friend in this blue world.

The stars above await your tale,

Of a pizza shop where bonds prevail.

Though we are specks in an endless swirl,

Even aliens could love a cheesy twirl.

Thus concludes our simple, earthly fete,

A tale of pizzas, that I won't forget.

Though universes keep us far apart,

A slice of Earth is now a piece of your heart.


About the Creator

Cody Segraves

Originally from West Virginia, I've now planted roots in Fairfax, VA, with my wife and 2 dogs. My passions? Videogames, trails, fishing, painting miniatures, and gardening. I write about all these, with a sprinkle of sci-fi for good measure

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  • Stephanie Hoogstad2 months ago

    Great poem. I especially like how you compared the pizza shop to a religious experience. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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