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A Sip of Hope

Poem #3

By Ashlyn HarperPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Alexander Gilbertson on Unsplash

The harsh lights shine directly above the heavy footsteps

Light rain bouncing off passerby cars, falling from umbrellas

Children squeal as the happy faces jump from puddle to puddle

The yellow neon sign illuminating a path for each new individual.

A girl sits awkwardly in a coffee shop booth awaiting a newcomer

Small beads of rain sitting neatly on the red coat that lay across her lap

Her hands engulf the warmth of the coffee that she sips nervously

Awaiting a potential new acquaintance, new friend, new love.

Letting her fantasies take her away to the possibilities of what could come

She watches as a familiar face looks at her through the now open door

The lights of the neon sign alighting the figure standing in front of her

Hope fills the room as two hands encompass each other for the first time.

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About the Creator

Ashlyn Harper

A chaotic room of stories. My curiosities lead me in all types of directions, creating a chaotic writing pathway. I want this place to be for experimenting, improving my craft, and sharing new ideas with anyone willing to read them.

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