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A Sincere Apology

A Heartfelt Remorse

By Bernad SiagianPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Image source by: Bernad Siagian

I know I've made a mistake,

And caused you pain, for which I ache.

I want to make it right, with all my might,

And say these words, with all my might.

I'm sorry, for the hurt I've caused,

I never meant to, it wasn't my call.

But now I see, what I failed to be,

And I want to make it up, just you and me.

I know I can't erase the past,

But I promise, our love will always last.

I'll be there for you, through thick and thin,

And make it right, till the very end.

So please forgive me, my love so true,

I never want to hurt you, I'm begging you.

For you are my world, my shining star,

And I'll do anything, to make things right, thus far.

Bernad Siagian

sad poetry

About the Creator

Bernad Siagian

I am a graphic designer and administrator in an agriculture-related office. Also, I'm pretty good at making or editing videos. I am currently studying data science in programming.

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