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One Among the Million Stars

The Radiant Love That Shines Forever

By Bernad SiagianPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Image source by : Bernad Siagian

Dear You

Stars shining bright in the night sky,

Dancing gracefully, as they pass by.

But one star shines differently, so bright,

Guiding my life, with its warm light.

Love is a mystery, soft and tender,

Touching my soul, making me wonder.

Like a star shining through the dark night,

Bringing happiness, making everything all right.

One among the million stars,

The most precious one, near and afar.

Guiding my path, giving me hope,

A shining light, that I will always hold.

So let us celebrate love, so bright,

Like a star, bringing joy to our sight.

One among the million stars,

The most meaningful one, in my heart.

Bernad Siagian

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About the Creator

Bernad Siagian

I am a graphic designer and administrator in an agriculture-related office. Also, I'm pretty good at making or editing videos. I am currently studying data science in programming.

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