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A Romantic Verses

A romantic Verses unrevealed.

By Mehidi Hasan Published 6 months ago 1 min read

In the twilight's gentle embrace, I find solace,

Where whispers of love weave a tender lace.

With every breath, my heart skips a beat,

In the realm of emotions, our souls meet.

Your eyes, like stars in a moonlit sky,

Illuminate my path as we walk by.

The touch of your hand, a feather's caress,

Unleashes a symphony, a love's finesse.

In the garden of passion, our love blooms,

As fragrant petals exhale sweet perfumes.

With every stolen glance and secret smile,

Our hearts dance to a rhythm so worthwhile.

Your laughter, a melody, dances in the air,

Filling my world with joy beyond compare.

Each word you speak, a sonnet divine,

Painting a tapestry of love so fine.

Together we stroll on love's golden shore,

Our footsteps leaving imprints evermore.

In your arms, I've found my eternal rest,

A sanctuary where love is truly blessed.

With every sunrise and every sunset's glow,

Our love, like a river, continues to flow.

Forever entwined, our souls shall entwine,

Two hearts united in a love so divine.

So let the winds carry this heartfelt plea,

Across the oceans, through mountains, set it free.

For in these words, my love unfurls,

A declaration of love to the entire world.

In this vast universe, you are my shining star,

And I, forevermore, your faithful avatar.

With every beat of my heart, this I proclaim,

In your arms, my love, forever shall remain.

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Mehidi Hasan

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