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Whispers of the Moon.

A Celestial Serenade.

By Mehidi Hasan Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Whispers of the Moon.
Photo by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals) on Unsplash

In the velvety depths of night's embrace,

Where stars ignite and dreams take chase,

Lies a celestial wonder, tranquil and bright,

A moonbeam's dance, enchanting the night.

Silent messenger of ethereal grace,

With soft, luminescent smile on its face,

The moon's tender glow, a lover's lullaby,

Guides souls adrift, as the world rests nearby.

Oh, how the moon whispers its ancient tale,

With secrets unveiled, as the night's curtain falls,

It speaks of wanderers and lovers' fervent cries,

Of poets and dreamers, reaching for the skies.

Bathed in its gentle, milky-white gleam,

Weaving stories in each shimmering beam,

The moon conjures melodies, soft and serene,

A symphony of hope, in the celestial scene.

It paints the midnight canvas with silver hue,

Reflecting dreams and wishes, both old and new,

It whispers to the heart, in a hushed refrain,

An invitation to dance, free from worldly strain.

A cosmic conductor, leading the cosmic band,

Drawing hearts together, hand in hand,

With radiant beams, it embraces us all,

In its timeless presence, we stand tall.

So, let us bask in the moon's tender sway,

As it serenades the night, leading the way,

In its gentle whispers, we find solace and peace,

And in its radiant glow, all worries cease.

For the moon, a celestial serenade,

Guides us through darkness, our fears to fade,

In its ethereal beauty, we find harmony's tune,

Whispered softly, beneath the tranquil moon.

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