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Time Time Time....

Time poetic unfold.

By Mehidi Hasan Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Time Time Time....
Photo by Jiyeon Park on Unsplash

In the realm where stars collide and dreams entwine,

Resides the keeper of life's eternal chime.

A force unseen, yet ceaselessly it flows,

A wondrous symphony, the dance of time bestows.

Time, the maestro of life's grand ballet,

Paints a masterpiece with every passing day.

A gentle whisper, a subtle cosmic thread,

It weaves our tales, where memories are spread.

In the cradle of dawn, as sunlight unfurls,

Time casts its spell upon this precious world.

It molds the mountains with patient hand,

And carves the valleys in nature's grand stand.

Through seasons dancing in harmonious embrace,

Time orchestrates a waltz, full of grace.

Blossoms bloom, then gently fade away,

As time's tender touch leads to a new day.

Within our hearts, it etches lines of age,

A roadmap of stories upon life's stage.

Yet time's embrace is not of fleeting sorrow,

For in its passage, we find hope for tomorrow.

It teaches lessons, humbling and profound,

To cherish each moment, for they are bound,

To the tapestry of life, woven with care,

By the hands of time, so precious and rare.

Though fleeting, it gifts us with memories sweet,

Of laughter, love, and souls that we meet.

It urges us forward, with every ticking beat,

To seize the present and make it complete.

So let us embrace the tapestry divine,

For time is a jewel that forever will shine.

In its ceaseless rhythm, a gift so sublime,

A reminder that life is but a fleeting rhyme.

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