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A Radiant Rainbow: A Poetic Tribute to Nature's Colorful Arc

Exploring the Beauty and Magic of Rainbows Through Verse

By ARJ GamingytPublished 25 days ago 1 min read
A Radiant Rainbow: A Poetic Tribute to Nature's Colorful Arc
Photo by Stainless Images on Unsplash

### Poem: A Radiant Rainbow

In skies of blue, a wonder appears,

After the rain, it wipes away tears.

A bow of colors, vivid and bright,

Paints the heavens with pure delight.

Red like a rose in morning's first light,

Orange hues glowing, warm and bright.

Yellow shines like the midday sun,

Green as the fields where rivers run.

Blue as the sea, deep and grand,

Indigo dreams, a twilight strand.

Violet whispers, soft and sweet,

Where sky and earth in splendor meet.

A bridge of hope, a sign of peace,

In its embrace, worries cease.

Nature's palette, a fleeting show,

A radiant rainbow, a celestial glow.

In each hue, a promise told,

Of stories new and dreams of old.

A fleeting gift, a glimpse so rare,

Of heaven's beauty, beyond compare.

So when the storm clouds drift away,

And sunlight breaks the dull and gray,

Look to the sky, and you will find,

A rainbow's charm, a sight so kind.

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