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A quiet love

A simple act of love

By Gail S.Published 12 months ago 1 min read
A quiet love
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A quiet love, a pure love

a love that was meant to be

A soft love, a tender love

a special gift to me

A love first forged in fire

with the slightest hint of hope

A love we often questioned

wondering how we’d cope

A strong love, a sweet love

a love not felt before

A passionate love, an honest love

that left us wanting more

A love that brought us laughter

a love that brought tears too

A love not shared by others

it belongs to me and you

A love that has been harsh

caused struggles along the way

A love that has been kind

Makes me grateful every day

A love that can change your life

change the way you feel

Just one small act of loving

can make it all surreal

A love that is not perfect

a love that is so real

A ring upon my finger

that tells me how you feel

A love to keep us closer

a love to guide our way

A love to keep us warm

even on the coldest day

A love that never will forget

the journey or the fuss

The way we turned the pages

in the amazing book of us.

Always, g

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About the Creator

Gail S.

I am complicated, confusing and misunderstood but I am real. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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  • Shams Ul Qammar11 months ago

    "Love" The most Powerful thing is this Universe.

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