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Too hard to love

trying my best

By Gail S.Published about a year ago 1 min read
Too hard to love
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I’m sorry I’m too hard to love

I really never knew

How much my past would shape my present

Making it uncomfortable for you.

I try so hard to change my ways

And not hold on so tight

I know I suffocate you

And I know it isn’t right.

I wish that I could change it

Into something not so rough

But I always seem to feel

Like it’s sometimes just too tough.

I know you’re being patient

And for that I am so glad

But I often see it in your eyes

That I make you very sad.

I love you oh so deeply

And that you have to know

I’m trying to get better

So together we can grow.

I promise to try harder

To be your forever girl

But please try to remember

It takes time to create a pearl.

I won’t always be perfect

And honestly neither will you

But together we can work it out

And see the dark times through.

So give me just a little more time

To work on a better me

And you will see I’m worth it

I’ll be who you need me to be.

All my love, g

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About the Creator

Gail S.

I am complicated, confusing and misunderstood but I am real. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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  • Ken S.about a year ago

    Emotional heartfelt beautiful thoughts . And she lives it.

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