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A Poet Called Paul

Obviously not me...or is it?

By Paul StewartPublished 18 days ago 1 min read
Image of me, edited in NightCafe

There once was a poet called Paul

He was greying, fat and kinda tall

People would point and stare

Call him names without a care

Until one day he killed them all


Thank you for reading! Another limerick. Yes, it's becoming a thing. It's taking over haiku for me. Anyway, I really hope you've enjoyed the ride so far. This post marks number 99. That means something's coming. It may take a little while longer for me to publish anything new because I have something I am working on that has been put off for too long.

So, keep your eyes peeled. While I'm working on piece 100, I'll be able to read up on stuff I've not been able to in recent weeks.

If you enjoyed my third take on a limerick, please let me know. Click the heart, drop a comment, and you know all the usual stuff.

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About the Creator

Paul Stewart

I'm Paul, a poet, and writer from Glasgow. After 12 years of writing solely for others, it's time to start writing for myself.

Expect a heady mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. If you like what you read, please subscribe!

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  • Safeera Sathar8 days ago


  • Harmony Kent13 days ago

    Have me Lol 😂 here! Nice one, Paul 💕🙂

  • I appreciate the creativity and humor in Paul's poem! The rhyming scheme and rhythm flow nicely and make the poem enjoyable to read. I also appreciate how the poem takes a lighthearted approach to addressing the hurtful actions of others. Overall, Paul has done a great job in expressing his thoughts and feelings through poetry. If you like you can also check out my take on this challenge: https://vocal.media/poets/embracing-life-s-absurdity

  • If I ever meet you in person I will make sure not to point and stare... I'll just stare. Fun work Paul... I may have to try my hand at a Rick limerick... You've inspired me.

  • Erwin Smith17 days ago

    Imagine a hater reading this 😂😂. Great poem btw, really liked it.

  • Gina C.17 days ago

    I second Kelli’s comment… I definetly know where I stand now 😅

  • Well, now we know where we stand

  • Ooooo, loved the last line. Maybe you can start writing a collection of dark poems like Mike did! I'll read the geck out of it, lol!

  • Heather Hubler17 days ago

    Le sigh...he ended them all. Hahahaha! This was great! Loved that surprise ending.

  • Cathy holmes17 days ago

    ahahahah. That last line, though! Love it, you psycho.

  • Donna Renee17 days ago

    That took a turn! 😮

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