A Place Called Home

by Fish Eisley about a year ago in love poems

Some Day...

A Place Called Home

Some day

I hope

I’ll find a place

Called home

My reflection

Sweet in your face

Your deep whisper

Slipping through

My hair

As we do every day

Beauty in mundane

Someone to come

Home to

What you like

And doll faces

We talk all day

Come home

To me

Come on

My love

Come home

To me

And I’ll be fine

I can be


Losing sleep

In the best way

This time

It’ll all follow through

With you

I know

I can be


Stumbling together

Reading the signs

Playing all the cards

Rushed in

Heart first

So tired of the same

It’s so hard

To find

A love like in

A place called home

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Fish Eisley

Poet and artist living with her dog in Arizona. You can find her work on https://www.redbubble.com/people/fisheisley?asc=u. She hopes to get a computer soon to start creating more art. 

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