A Piece of Art

by Hannah Payne about a year ago in inspirational

Paris Opera House, 1964-Marc Chagall

A Piece of Art

Sitting here I ponder the true wonder of a piece of art

With careful brushstrokes and precise movements, how does he know?

Without intended attempt he understands my soul, my thoughts, my world of contradictions

With each splash of color I understand his persuasive pursuit of a primitive world to surround classical composers

Even placing a primitive work above sophisticated heads should be rewarded and celebrated

Daring to be different and push boundaries will forever inspire generations

Pushing boundaries, a scary act of defiance and confidence

Conforming to expectations comforts those on the road most traveled

Yet when that less traveled road is calling to the meek, the fearful, the anxious

I call upon that contradicting paver known as Marc to shine light upon that dark and abandoned road

Oh teach me, dear artist, to learn of your ways

And by the time I must decide which road to travel, I will possess the courage to choose the dark unknown

The dark unknown is bright and sunny, tropical and sweet

Yet each daydream is cloaked in a dark and foreboding shadow

Created by a deep love of family, home, and comfort

A family who’ve stood by me and my choices to leave

A home that has protected my life and soul as I pack to go

A comfort created by the forwards and abandoned for my own prospects

The light begins to shine as my worlds combine

Studying my courage creates more

And with that courage comes clarity

I am not abandoning anyone, I am simply going away so I can come back

I am not anxious, I am simply excited for my newest journey

I am not a conformist, I am a paver much like my heroic Chagall.

Where words fail, art rises

Art teaches the ways of man before and during

The after is up to all others

I aspire to be the after by learning from the before.

I shall continue the trend of teaching to learn and learning to teach

Until each man can understand the push and pull of a piece of art.

Hannah Payne
Hannah Payne
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