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A masterpiece without an end

A dance so divine

By CarolinePublished 5 months ago 1 min read
A masterpiece without an end
Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

In the tapestry of existence, where colors softly blend,

Love emerges, a masterpiece without an end.

A symphony of emotions, a dance so divine,

In the realm of hearts, love begins to shine.

Love is a sunrise, gentle and gold,

A warmth that in hearts, tenderly unfolds.

In every gaze, a universe of grace,

Love's reflection, a sweet embrace.

Love is a garden, where blossoms bloom,

Petals of passion, chasing away the gloom.

A whispered promise, in every sigh,

Love's fragrance, beneath the endless sky.

Love is an ocean, deep and wide,

Where serenity and passion coincide.

Waves of understanding, shores of trust,

In love's expanse, we're eternally thrust.

As the day retires in hues of gold,

Love's story, in memories, is told.

A sunset's embrace, a tranquil art,

Love is beautiful, eternally impart.

Love is a canvas, where moments are painted,

In strokes of joy, where dreams are acquainted.

A masterpiece in progress, incomplete,

For in love's beauty, life finds its seat.

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  • Heather Hubler5 months ago

    What a lovely poem :) Your words felt like the warmest of hugs.

  • This was so sweet and wonderful! Loved your poem!

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