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Eternal Symphony of Love

quiet dawn of hearts entwined

By CarolinePublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Eternal Symphony of Love
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In the quiet dawn of hearts entwined,

A symphony of love, forever bind.

Whispers of affection, soft as a dove,

Behold the timeless beauty of love.

Love paints the canvas in hues divine,

A masterpiece of feelings that intertwine.

Brushstrokes of passion, gentle and free,

Creating a portrait of eternity.

In the garden of devotion, love's flowers bloom,

A fragrant enchantment, dispelling gloom.

Petals of kindness, grace, and care,

A garden of love beyond compare.

In moonlit dreams and sunlit days,

Love weaves enchanting, radiant arrays.

Eternal sunsets in each other's gaze,

A love story that forever stays.

Through valleys of joy and mountains of strife,

Love's symphony plays, the melody of life.

In laughter and tears, hand in glove,

Witness the beauty of an eternal love.

In the tapestry of time, love's echoes persist,

A timeless beauty that will always exist.

For in every heartbeat, like stars above,

We find the enduring beauty of love.

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