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A fresh start

a tale unfolds

By CarolinePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
A fresh start
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

In the dawn's soft whisper, a tale unfolds,

A canvas blank, where new stories are told.

With the sun's first kiss, a promise in the air,

A symphony of beginnings, beyond compare.

The dewdrops glisten, like dreams anew,

On petals of hope, where courage grew.

In the garden of dawn, where shadows part,

A melody of possibilities, a song, a fresh start.

The morning sky, a canvas of grace,

Paints hues of resilience on a hopeful face.

Footprints of yesterday, gently swept away,

As a new journey begins, in the light of day.

Each step, a cadence, on the path unknown,

In the heart's quiet chamber, seeds are sown.

A dance with time, in the rhythm of a beating heart,

A chance to rewrite, to reinvent, to restart.

The whispers of the wind, tales untold,

A story unfolds, a script to behold.

Shadows retreat, as the sun ascends,

A symphony of redemption, where the old story ends.

A fresh start, a chapter yet unwritten,

In the book of life, where dreams are smitten.

With courage as a compass, and hope as the chart,

Embark on the journey, embrace the fresh start.

Leave behind the echoes of yesteryear,

Embrace the unknown without a hint of fear.

For in the realm of beginnings, where dreams embark,

There lies the magic, the allure of a fresh start.

As morning whispers secrets to the day,

A symphony of possibilities begins to play.

With every sunrise, a chance to impart,

The magic of resilience, the grace of a fresh start.


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