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Chapters of Love

a journey untold

By CarolinePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Chapters of Love
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

In the book of hearts, where tales are spun,

A symphony of love, chapters begun.

Each page a whisper, a journey untold,

In the story of us, mysteries unfold.

A glance, a spark, where fate decides,

In the dance of stars, love abides.

Eyes lock, a connection starts to weave,

Chapter one, where hearts believe.

Through fields of laughter and trials to bear,

Love's dance continues, beyond compare.

Hand in hand, two souls embrace,

Chapter two, where love finds its grace.

In the tempest's roar and the calm's reprieve,

Love weathers storms, learns to believe.

Through challenges faced and battles won,

Chapter three, where love's journey's begun.

Through seasons of joy and petals of pain,

Love blossoms, a perennial gain.

In the garden of time, where emotions dart,

Chapter four, where love becomes art.

A vow exchanged, a promise sealed,

In the sacred union, love revealed.

Through the tapestry of life they chart,

Chapter five, where love imparts.

In the autumn of years, where memories blend,

Love transcends time, a legacy to send.

Through echoes in time, where spirits depart,

Chapter six, where love leaves its mark.

So turn the pages, let the story unfold,

In the chapters of love, a tale to be told.

For in every heartbeat, where emotions start,

Love's story continues, eternally in the heart.

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