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A Lost Girl Searching

by Aderonke Ayokanmbi 2 years ago in surreal poetry

Light or Darkness

Would you dream to ever be found?

In pure flower, she rises

For spring brings forth grace

Sweaty blossom to appear,

A grace foretold so dear.

Underneath this tree grows up

Told trying to fill her cup.

Experience, Excitement, Desire

What she thought to admire.

Now Older looking so lost

Dawn to have trust.

She had wandered the lines,

But yet to be wise.

Lost into the sky of excitement,

Her grace strips to suffer confinement.

Sweet sleep come to her,

Yet no rest thy soul to be.

A shadow she kept

While Father, Mother slept

Thinking all is well

Her soul prison dwells.

Where is she at?

A snowy hill she sat.

A space of height

Not to lack but sight.

Tender love she seeks

To fill a soul which weeps.

A fountain she finds’

Flowing holy water refines.

Watery seamless flow

Dare desire to bestow.

Bring forth a sound,

A sought of peace found.

Wavy music sways thee

Asleep a sweet baby be.

Unsure a fury depth

A fountain so kept

Seems peaceful yet poison be

O! no uncertain to free,

To drown thy grace,

Seeks no more embrace.

surreal poetry

Aderonke Ayokanmbi

You might think I am crazy for saying this but I literally have conversations in my head and my physical self is the middle person in that conversation. So writing helps me put all that down in script to help me process. Writing is my voice

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