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A Halloween Race

by Allison Rice 7 months ago in childrens poetry · updated 7 months ago
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A spooky poem

A Halloween Race
Photo by John Jacobson on Unsplash

I had the pleasure of brainstorming "spooky creatures" with a small group of first grade writers, and this poem is a result. It was 100% written during a first grade literacy lesson.


Once upon a time

on Halloween Night

Five spooky ghosts

were looking for a fright

Up high they flew

In the sky, with the bats

Then swooped down low

and chased some cats

Four witches on broomsticks yelled:

“Leave our cats alone!”

But the ghosts didn’t listen

All they did was moan

Ghosts, cats, bats & witches

Were zooming all about

Until someone shouted:

“Everyone look out!

Three hairy werewolves

Had joined in the fray

Soon everyone was running away!

Two trick-or-treaters

Were taken by surprise

They started running too

With excitement in their eyes

All through the night

They raced in the dark

Til they finally arrived at the city park

One haunted house

Is what they found there

So they all went inside

Looking for a scare

Instead they found a party

A fancy costume ball

So they danced and they had

The best night of all!

childrens poetry

About the author

Allison Rice

Allison Rice is a work in progress with numerous unfinished drafts. Author of “Immigrants Among Us”, (https://vocal.media/families/immigrants-among-us-mfzhdl0jfn,) Alli is an avid reader, secret blogger, and always has a story to tell!

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