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A Faded Love

A Poem on Feeling

By Mady MastersPublished 5 years ago 2 min read

Victory is not about overcoming fear and sadness and loneliness,It’s learning the part it plays in your life.It’s letting it happen and seeing it for what it is, calling it out,And by revealing it, you rob it of power.Victory is not being destroyed when an emotion comes your way.Victory is to feel the whole spectrum of feelings and not be overtaken.

Despair is a longingNot being satisfied with anything less than the object of your desire.Doing anything it takes to get it and keep it within your grasp.It’s an ache in its absence, and a hunger to get more once you have it.

Ecstasy is the highest joy and pleasure,Sexual or not, it takes you beyond happinessTo a place where you can be deeply connected and enthralled.The most wonderful thing you can think of,

Anxiety is a panicA flurried mind, full of worries and doubtsAnxiety makes you feel messy and on edge, paranoid of the world around you.

Fear is similar to anxiety but it feels darker and more unknown,It allows you to imagine everything that could go wrong,Fear keeps you guessing.Fear is uncertainty, and having to make decisions based on an uncertain future.

Anger is a response to a lack of control, a response to fear and anxietyIt’s a cousin of fear, but instead of worrying about what will happen, you react.Anger is often hot and fierce, sometimes directed at injustice, sometimes at yourself.

Desire is kin to despair,It’s the budding of a longing, chasing it down,Doing anything to get it, but not yet having reached frustration.It can be beautiful and motivating but also dangerous,It can eat away at your mind and consume your every thought.

Envy hates what it cannot haveIt can lead to anger, at not having controlIt can make you feel helpless to change the circumstances,It can make you sick with desire and despair.

Disappointment is a hope unfulfilled,It smells like failure and heartache,It’s like reopening an old woundDespair that things didn’t turn out the way your planned.

Love is the healer,It can fulfill desires, smooth over envy, and ease a panicked mindLove grounds ecstasy in reality, and keeps victory humble.It brings everything else together in harmony.

Shame keeps you hidden,It says you’re not good enoughIt says you can’t be lovedIt says you shouldn’t be feeling all these other emotions, yet you areSo something is wrong with you.

Let the feelings come and goDon’t let them trouble you thoughI want to feel it all

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