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A deep love

The depts a true love goes

By Deborah AlbertPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In the depths of the heart, where secrets lie, There blooms a love that never shall die.

A love so deep, like the ocean's vast expanse,It flows through the soul in a timeless dance.

It whispers in the quiet of the night, A melody of love, pure and bright.

It knows no bounds, no limits to its grace, It fills every corner, every empty space.

It withstands the trials, the storms that may rage, A fortress of love, a sanctuary, a cage.

It holds us close, through joy and through pain,

A steadfast anchor in life's ever-changing terrain.

It's in the little things, the moments we share, A tender glance, a touch, a gentle care.

It speaks volumes in silence, in words left unsaid, A love that transcends, that soars overhead.

So let us cherish this love, deep and true, For it's the essence of me, the essence of you.

In the depths of the heart, where love abides, We find the strength to weather life's tides.

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About the Creator

Deborah Albert

A writer still exploring her capabilities..

I love all thing art and books, i’m a writer, a nail technician and content creator … and most importantly im just a girl!.

Ig; iamdeedii

Yt; Justdeedii

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