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A strong feeling

By Deborah AlbertPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

In the quiet corners of the soul, it stirs,

A yearning deep, like a flame that blurs.

Want, the whisper in the heart's embrace,

Guiding us to seek, to find our place.

It starts as a spark, a fleeting desire,

A hunger for more, a passion entire.

Want beckons us forth, to dream and aspire,

To reach for the stars, to aim ever higher.

In the depths of darkness, it lights the way,

A beacon of hope on the path we stray.

Want, the driving force, the urge to create,

To mold our destiny, to shape our fate.

It lingers in moments of quiet reflection,

A longing for love, a need for connection.

Want binds us together, in joy and in sorrow,

A thread that weaves through each new tomorrow.

So let us embrace this longing within,

For want is the fuel that ignites the spin,

Of life's endless dance, a cosmic ballet,

Where dreams take flight, and hearts find their way.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Deborah Albert

A writer still exploring her capabilities..

I love all thing art and books, i’m a writer, a nail technician and content creator … and most importantly im just a girl!.

Ig; iamdeedii

Yt; Justdeedii

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    Deborah AlbertWritten by Deborah Albert

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