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a cup of tea

a story of love and heartbreak

By Sophie GarciaPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 1 min read
a cup of tea
Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

I set the tiny cup on top, slow and with care,

for I do not want to tip the tea, I've made for you, over.


I sit down, with my own cup in hand,

and I lift the cup to my lips and take a sip as I wait.


I look at your cup, only to find it still full when mine is near bare,

what is once warm has now gone cold with time.


I stay on my seat, with a cold cup of tea in front of me

for I do not want to face the fact that you are not here.

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About the Creator

Sophie Garcia

A hobbit. | Instagram @dennyjeantoo

Author of poetry book Bittersweet: An Anthology.

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  • Jasper Wolf11 months ago

    Wow. Tough competition. Great poem

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