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A Bat in the Daytime

by Denzel Bryan 5 months ago in sad poetry


A Bat in the Daytime

9:17 AM

I should be asleep. The chirping of the birds keeps me sane.

Unlike any other, I still believe in the history of what I should be.

What I should be doesn't feel like what I am.

Step by Step, I walk then run then walk again to catch my breath.

The busy streets surround me. Comes and goes all around me.

The passing of flesh, blood, tears, semen, air, and water fulfill me hour by hour.

I should be asleep. Still and sound.

3:25 PM

The sun is brightening and heating up the day.

This isn't where I should be, I should flee and find the shadow.

Everyone I've ever known flutters and thrives in the shadow.

My wings spread. The wind propels me forward and I'm not looking back.

My eyes water as I'm alone on the path of discovery.

My wings continue to flap and my fingers begin to sweat and my focus intensifies.

The swarm back at the cave would be alarmed and disappointed.

I should be asleep.

6:35 PM

The busy day begins to calm.

The humans below me, the planes above me, the creatures beside me all decide to make their way home.

I sense the longing for more. The whole day I should've been asleep.

I am more than what history says I should be. Today I proved that to be true.

I flew, I propelled further, I grew with every flap of my wing, I moved myself within to find more of who I am.

I head back to the cave. Picking up speed, I remind myself...

I should be asleep, but instead I decided to wakeup.

11:59 PM

The cave seems faint.

The swarm has left to hunt and venture through the night with speedy enthusiasm.

The cave seems sad, lonely, and colder than usual.

I step in... reluctantly. This is not who I am.

Everyone is away tonight, and all I want to do is sleep.

I should've been asleep all day to be with familiarity in the night.

My steps become shorter. My movement slows down internally. I feel peace knowing who I am.

All day I was awake realizing the true spirit and essence of self while in the midst of flowing with freedom.

Finally, I can sleep. Still and sound.

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Denzel Bryan

23 young creative currently based in NY. I've recently had the urge to take my poetry and writing much more seriously so I am here to learn and grow as much as I can while sharing my art and connecting with other creatives.

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