2 Faces

by LIFE MAZI 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Poem

2 Faces
Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

When I look slightly to the right,

My face seems pretty symmetrical:

My nose slides down at an acute angle,

The left eyebrow is full and smooth,

The bag under my eye almost complements

The apple that appears when I smile.

This side of my face is the one I show the world.

Now I look to the left,

The side of my face I felt the need to hide

With my hair for a long time.

The tip of my nose faces this side of my face,

Bumpy and slightly deformed

As though I scratched it off my face and had to put it back on again,

But I messed up and it came out wonky.

There is a vein which pops out of the eye-bag on this side

I cry too much—it's a sign,

and the brow here is empty and sparse

As though I've locked it in a dark room and forgotten to water it.

But when I look straight ahead, you get to see everything.

Two faces become one, and I don't hide anything.

When I laugh the happiness reaches my eyes

And the wrinkles and lines that form on my skin

Is evidence enough that I am both of these things;

A constant juxtaposition,

Two ends of the spectrum at the same time


Simply human and

Simply alive.

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