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For the Compassionate

By J.D. BradleyPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Sometimes it occurs to me that in our materialistic, psychopathic society that we need a twelve-step group for the compassionate: "Hi. My name is Jason and I care about people." "Hi Jason" the droning answer of the oppressed who frequent this self "help" group that answer me back. As if something is wrong with us when there is nothing wrong with us at all. We are what should be.

Television, Hollywood, the mass media, and psychotropic drugs are there, wearing us down, wearing everyone down, enslaving our minds. Wearing us down to be obedient servants of a master plan of the most horrible who exist among us, but some of us still know. It's in our hearts. We know to care. What we know cannot be extinguished. We know that we ultimately only have each other and are scorned by our lesser brethren who wear their yoke of mental subservience like a proud gold medal for their performance in the slave Olympics or some bullshit television "reality show", but every day that goes by, there are more of us, the awakened, and less of the enslaved. A tipping point will soon occur and those who have ruled us like sheep will have no power over us anymore, and they shall perish, and we will be able to proudly say that we care for each other. That is the future. Please join me in a better tomorrow for our people, the human beings.

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I've had a very different kind of experience.

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