10 Instagram Photo Editing Apps You Need to Use

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Want to look more glam on the 'gram? These Instagram photo editing apps will help you maximize your photos' potential.

10 Instagram Photo Editing Apps You Need to Use

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms today, and it's kicked off a pretty intense competition to see who can have the most glamorous Instagram account.

With more people than ever before finding work and fame through Instagram, it's easy to see why people want to brush up their photography skills. This platform already comes with a number of filters to help people erase flaws, but why stop there?

There are a ton of awesome Instagram photo editing apps you can use to make your photos look better than ever before. Want to create better pictures for your 'gram? Take a look at the most popular apps you can download today.

Facetune is currently one of the best mobile apps for photo editing, and it's totally understandable why. This app has amazing tech that makes your skin look flawless, evens out your complexion, and also whitens teeth.

At $3.99 per download, it's definitely a pricier app. Even so, most hardcore Instagrammers swear by it for a reason. It's like having a professional photo editor in your phone.

Certain Instagram accounts have become famous for their dramatic black and white imagery. A good B&W shot can make a huge impact on followers, but finding an editor that works well with these kinds of shots can be difficult.

If you're looking for an editor that works well with colorless photos, check out Carbon. It's designed to perfect greyscale shots in a way a simple Instagram filter cannot.

When I first saw photos that had isolated splashes of color, it was in a Glamour Shots portfolio. Believe it or not, it didn't look good. However, part of that shot's failure dealt with all the cliche topics that were used in it—and because the photographer wasn't worth the $200 he wanted for photos.

These days, you can make way better shots by just grabbing your iPhone and downloading Color Pop. This lets you isolate the colors in your photo, adding a new focal point on an otherwise lame shot.

Long-exposure photography is absolutely breathtaking. The tiny differences that happen from moment to moment end up blending together to create a smoother, more polished photo—at least, in most cases.

Believe it or not, Instagram noticed the trend in long-exposure photography and developed a great app to enhance Instagram stories and photos alike. It's called Hyperlapse, and it's an Instagram artist's favorite new tool.

Another one of the more popular Instagram photo editing apps on the market is Boomerang. This app isn't quite an editor, per se, but works to turn your photos into a short video loop that covers multiple angles or poses.

Using it is a cinch, and adds a seriously surprising pop of cool to your Instagram feed. It's a favorite of many influencers, so don't worry, you can still use all the angles you love.

Not all Instagram photo editing apps are designed to turn smartphone shots into fine art. GIPHY Cam, for example, is more about turning your best shots into GIFs, and maybe adding a little bit of humorous effects to your stuff too.

You can animate your photos, add new filters to them, and also add a little bit of trippiness to them. Anyone who has a seriously stoner Instagram will want to grab this. I'm serious. I meme it.

Sometimes, the things you need to be edited aren't people. Unfortunately, most apps geared towards Instagram photos won't be able to help you out there—at least, not too much, anyway.

Facetune's creators came up with a second photo editing app worth checking out called Enlight. This is an award winning app that is a true blue all-in-one photo editor. It has all the tools needed in order to really make amazing photos out of typical shots.

Sometimes, the biggest issue is not necessarily working on the photos themselves, but actually finding a way to post them. Photo Collage is a great app for people who want to add multiple photos into one single post—and maybe add a border or two.

The struggle was once real, but now, no longer. Multi-photo posts can finally be captured in a single frame, going toe to toe with any of the other free apps every photographer needs.

VSCO isn't so much a member of the "Instagram photo editing apps" family as much as it's a member of the "professional mobile photography editor" suite. With that being said though, it's powerful—like, to the point that actual professional photographers will use it to tweak shots.

This editing app packs a powerful punch and makes upgrading your selfies a cinch. VSCO is always getting updated, too, so using this service will always be one of the more productive you can choose to use.

Do you love the look of text on photos? Who doesn't? To get that classic millennial-post look, check out one of the most text-y Instagram photo editing apps out there: Typic.

Over five million people can't be wrong. This epic app is amazing for people who want to get a little deep with their shots, as well as those who want to add text to their favorite pictures.

Iggy Paulsen
Iggy Paulsen
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