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The Role Of Calcium In Your Dog's Diet

By Biswajit DeyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Just like humans, dog's too need calcium in their diet, but what correct amount of calcium should a pet owner give? is there any danger in giving excess calcium? find out below.

It is every pet owners dream to have a healthy pet. For that to be realizable, you should ensure that your pet's diet is fully loaded with all vital nutrients to guarantee a good health. Calcium is one example of these essential nutrients that must be present in a good and well balanced dog diet. Most of us think of calcium in terms of strong bones and teeth, which is very true because calcium has to be present in your dog's diet for it to develop strong and healthy bones and teeth.

So what difference does too little or too much calcium levels make in your dog's diet make? Remember that too little level of calcium in your dog's diet is the major cause of a condition called rickets in pets. Rickets is any pet owner's nightmare, because it causes your pets bones to be soft and easily bendable under your dog's weight. Who likes to see that happen to their dear furred friends? Put you hands up.

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Contrary to the above condition, excessive levels of calcium in your pets diet could easily result to abnormalities of the bone. This has been witnessed in large dog breeds. Puppies of such breeds tend to develop low density large bones which lack strength due to the high presence of calcium.

Proper levels of calcium in a dog's diet prevent such abnormalities from occurring. This is one of the many important reasons for selecting proper well balanced diets for your dog. Consult with a dog's nutritional specialist In order to properly establish the correct amount of calcium to be included in your pets diet.

Calcium is a very important mineral in your dog's diet. Calcium belongs to the interdependent class of mineral nutrients that work together with other nutrients and vitamins.

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Calcium works well with phosphorus. A proper balance of the two mineral nutrients, calcium together with phosphorus should be present in a proper ratio to guarantee a dog diet that will boost the potential merits for your pet friend. Animal nutrition studies have revealed that calcium mineral ratio parts of 2.0 and 1.0 coupled with 1.0 part phosphorus. When there is a wide variation in phosphorus and calcium ratios from this listed range, bone result will likely occur.

A dog diet composed of meats only will not yield the required amount of phosphorus and calcium necessary for proper formation of healthy and strong bones. That kind of diet could result to a ratio of about 18 parts phosphorus to 1.0 parts calcium. The main problem here occurs in absorption of these minerals into the pet's body.

The absorption of calcium and phosphorus is influenced by the presence of Vitamin D. if a pet's diet lacks the appropriate quantity of vitamin D, other mineral nutrients will not be of maximum benefit to the pet. Remember that too much of anything is poisonous and the same applies to vitamin D. try to maintain correct amounts of vitamin D in your dog's diet. Purchasing your dog's food supplies from a respectable dog food manufacturer is a good way to ensure that your pets diet is healthy.

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When a dog is nursing or during pregnancy, high calcium levels in the dog's diet is much recommended. Such periods require you to feed your dog on additional amounts of well balanced dog food. Supplements are not mandatory under such circumstances.

Eclampsia or milk fever in layman's term cannot be prevented with calcium supplements. Milk fever is a metabolism condition that affects the mummy dog after her puppies' birth and nursing has began. It does not result from nutrients deficiency.

Do not supplement your pets diet with calcium or any other nutrient without expert advice from your vet or animal nutrition specialist. A pet's health can be severely affected when calcium is out of balance. Giving your dog a well balanced diet is important. Well respected dog food manufacturers always devote time and resources towards research on animal nutrition to make sure that they offer your dog good quality products. They do this by formulating dog food preparations that are well balanced and healthy.

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