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Common in rural areas! "Wild pigeons" than pigeons? Don't eat such birds!

This kind of bird is very common in rural areas, so one of them is known as "wild pigeons"

By 孙小明Published 12 days ago 6 min read

It looks good, the sound is nice, and the nutritional value is high, it can be described as a "bird winner" ~

I don't know if you have seen such a bird, the head is very small, the mouth is sharp and short, similar to the length of the pigeons, but the body is smaller than the pigeons of the family. Most of the body feathers are gray and brown. The characteristic is that there are black plaques on both sides of the lower neck.

This kind of bird is very common in rural areas, so one of them is known as "wild pigeons". For the people who eat and make up for, it is another good ingredient for stewed soup. Maybe a long time ago, someone may have eaten it, but now this bird cannot be eaten casually! How much harm is after eating?

Humanity's biggest misunderstanding of turtle dove

Let's take a look at this kind of bird -turtle dove. Due to the preconceived idiom of "Dove occupied the Nest", the first impression that Turtle Dove brings people is the bird's nest that is cunning and likes to occupy other birds. Essence

There are 16 types of turtle doves in the world. There are currently 5 types in my country. They are distributed all over the country, namely fire turtle doves, gray turtle doves, pearl turtle doves, mountain turtles and Oujie doves.

Among them, only the bead -necked turtle doves and gray turtle doves are a bird who lives in the city all year round. In the city, the most common is the bead -necked turtle dove. The birds are like their names. The neck turtle dove has a pattern like pearl, which is very easy to recognize.

The types of turtle doves are different, and the types of food they eat are different. Some turtles eat only plants, and some turtles doves with small animals such as insects.

Because of the impression of the idiom of "Dove occupy the nest", the turtle dove became the "back pot man".

Regarding the "dove occupy the nest", most scholars believe that turtle doves are wronged. In fact, the invaders in this idiom are not turtle doves, but rhododendron (also known as cloth bird). Cuckoo does not build its own nest, but produces eggs in the nests of birds such as magpies to achieve "nursing parasites".

As a result, people also mistakenly thought that the turtle dove would not build a nest, but this is not the case. The nest of the turtle dove was built by itself, and the requirements for the bird's nest were not high. The "exquisite" of birds such as "swallows" and "magpies" were very "perfunctory".

When I usually move, turtle doves are more "afraid of living" and are unwilling to rely on humans too close, but they are "self -familiar" when building nesting. The place where their nest breeding is usually selected on the flower pots, shoe boxes, straw frames and other places on the balcony of the residents. Their nests are also very simple. They only need to pick up a few human abandoned toothbrushes, plastic bags, iron wires, etc. to make a "home".

Then, in their nests, Turtle Dove has two eggs for each egg. Female and male birds incubate eggs in turn, and the division of labor is clear.

When Turtle Dove trusts humans, humans want to make them a table of food.

"A man deliberately killed the turtle dove built on the balcony at home, and used it to cook soup and health." This news appeared every few years.

The crisis brought by "eating"

It may be due to nature. When people see some strange animals, when most people are amazed, they feel the first feeling. But Turtle Dove can not be eaten casually!

When you are about to satisfy your appetite, you first consider "no punishment". As a wildlife, Turtle Dove belongs to the country's three protection animals, and it is also a third -level protection animal in Hunan Province. Hunter and trafficking are not allowed, and they cannot be prey.

Secondly, in the long -term nature of wildlife life, it is not like the breeding poultry. It is artificial feed. The foods eaten by wild animals may carry a variety of bacteria and viruses. High -temperature cooking cannot be killed completely.

The consequences of prefer wildlife and transform into new viruses in the human body are transformed into a new virus in the human body.

Human history has also happened.

In 2002, the SARS outbreak in the country, the source of the virus is a wildlife bat, named Chinese chrysanthemum might, and the beef that appeared in the farmer market as the middle host, which was consumed by humans to spread the virus and the outbreak of the virus. Essence

The frustrated AIDS virus originally originally originally originated in African chimpanzees and gorillas. Later, it was transmitted to humans through various blood, saliva, and sexual transmission. Become a new type of killer in the 21st century.

In addition, the original host of the Ebola virus with a high mortality rate is also considered a wild animal -fruit bat. This kind of virus has also been found many times on wild monkeys, orangutans, and wild boars. Although the final natural host cannot be determined, it is certain that the virus comes from wild animals. Essence

With these shocking precedents, do you dare to easily prey in wild animals?

Moreover, the country has long has a clear order to protect wildlife and prohibit private prey. It can be described as the risk of being infected with other viruses in order to meet the law in order to satisfy the appetite and even bring the risk of other viruses infection.

Seemingly ordinary, in fact "crown"

In addition to Turtle Dove, there are wild animals that seem ordinary but are protected by the country. Do you know these?

"In 2019, a man in Hefei purchased a living owl, seven live -bodies, and ten live turtles doves because of superstition." The fine is 3,000 yuan and sentenced to eight months in prison. "

Although owls are common in mountains and forests in some areas, they belong to national secondary protection animals.

Brother Eight, as one of the popular pets that people want to raise, are loved by people. But the wild Big Big Belong belongs to the national three protection animals.

In addition, the seemingly common animals such as Yan Yan, Sparrows, and Weasel actually belong to the ranks of Chinese wild protection animals.

According to my country's wild protection animal law, if the precious wild animals that violate legal hunting, killing, acquisitions, transportation, and sale of the country's key wild animals must be suffered by fines and detention. More than ten years of imprisonment.

Therefore, when we encounter seemingly ordinary and unknown animals in our lives, do not deal with it at will. You can query relevant information or contact the local forestry bureau to verify. Don't have a fluke, in order to satisfy your appetite, "taste it for a while"!


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