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The rabbit breeds quickly, and the rabbit meat is also unique. So why did the rabbit meat not become the mainstream meat?

Rabbit is distributed around the world, especially in Europe, Africa, and South America, and even in Australia, it has become a disaster.

By 孙小明Published 12 days ago 3 min read

Rabbit is a kind of mammalian, belongs to the babies and under the family of rabbit. They usually live in grasslands, forests, deserts and mountains.

The rabbit's body is agile and light, with two long ears, two big eyes, sharp teeth and soft fur. They usually use herbal plants, vegetables, fruits and nuts as food.

Rabbits are distributed around the world, especially in Europe, Africa, and South America, and they have even flooded in Australia.

In many countries, rabbits are a very popular pet. But in some areas, they are also eaten by people as food, because the meat of rabbits is tender and delicious.

Rabbit's superb reproduction ability

The rabbit has a strong reproduction ability, and you can produce as many as dozens of offspring each year. Female rabbits can be pregnant once a month, each pregnancy lasts 28-31 days, and produces 3-12 young children at a time.

After the birth of the new child, the female rabbit will produce enough milk for them to nurture them. Under normal circumstances, the young baby only needs 5-6 weeks after birth to leave the mother and start living.

Because the rabbit's reproduction ability is so strong, they can easily breed too much. Therefore, in many countries, they have also implemented a policy of killing rabbits to control the number of them.

Why didn't rabbit meat become mainstream meat sources?

Although the meat of rabbits is tender and flavorful, why do rabbits have not become the mainstream meat sources in many countries?

First of all, the bunny is relatively small, only half of the dog, which means that the amount of meat of a rabbit will not be too much. Therefore, if you want to produce a large amount of rabbit meat, you need to raise a lot of rabbits, which also requires corresponding costs and time.

In contrast, other animals such as pigs and cattle have faster production and more economical.

Secondly, the breeding ability of rabbits is too strong, resulting in the increase in the number of rabbits very fast, and it is not conducive to the management of farmers. In addition, rabbits need a special environment and feed, which also makes the cost of breeding higher.

In addition, some people think that rabbits are a gentle and spiritual animal, which are not suitable for food as food. In many countries, the meat on the dining table mainly comes from animals such as pigs, cattle, sheep, and rabbit meat has not been widely accepted.

In the end, although the meat of the rabbit is soft, it is easy to be too familiar and deteriorated. This also limits the sales of rabbit meat in the market, because it cannot maintain good quality during storage and processing like other meats.

Why don't rabbits in the countryside get rich?

Although rabbits have certain costs and risks, just like any rural industry, the chance of gaining generous benefits from it also exists. The following are some possible reasons for why rural are not cultivated in rural areas:

First of all, because the number of rabbits will grow very quickly, the increase in rapid increases may lead to insufficient sales. Without enough market demand, this production model may become an unrealistic economic choice.

Secondly, breeding rabbits require certain investment and technologies, including feed, fence and other necessary equipment. These investment may have a burden on some rural families, so they may choose other agricultural ways that are easier to achieve.

Finally, rural rabbits also need time and energy. If a farmer has been engaged in other agricultural activities, then they may not have enough time to cultivate rabbits, which is also a risk.

at last

In general, rabbits, as a animal, have strong reproduction capacity, tender meat, and delicious. But for various reasons, rabbit meat has not become the main source of meat.

For rural areas, there are also certain risks and challenges in breeding rabbits. Therefore, weighing factors such as investment, technology and time requires the most reasonable decisions.


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