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A Healthy Diet for the Whole Family

by Rachelle Swannie 2 months ago · updated 2 months ago
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Your dog deserves to eat well too!

Many parents have made the decision to switch to natural and minimally processed foods to help their children stay healthy. Because pets are a part of the family too, the same decision should be made about what you feed to your pet! As a mother of four, it is extremely important to me that all of my little ones are well-fed with the most nutritious, wholesome food I could possibly find out there—that’s when I decided to make the switch and start serving up Sundays to my pup, Pepper! Sundays is a great dog food alternative to your standard kibble, that's not only healthier and tastier, but just as easy to whip up for your pet. When I learned about Sundays health benefits and the convenient subscription delivery service, there was no looking back for my Pepper. I rest assured knowing he’s eating nutritious food he loves and is gaining strength with every bite! His health is extremely important to me as his energy makes our home come to life with energy, laughter, and fun—we need him in his best shape! Read on to learn how Sundays makes customizing Pepper’s meals so easy, the benefits of Pepper being on a healthier diet (with easy cleanup for my busy days), and how awesome and convenient it is having Sundays delivered to my home!

1. Easily Customizable Meals for My Pup

Ever wish you could take a test to tell you what your pup should be eating as part of a healthy, wholesome diet? With Sundays you can! This was so convenient when I was racking my brain trying to figure out how I could get Pepper on the right track to a healthier life! To set up meals specific to your own pet’s diet, all you have to do is take a short quiz on Sundays website that asks questions about your dog’s age, size, breed, and more. I love how specific Sundays is to Pepper because I can be sure that he is eating exactly the right amount of whatever is best for him, wherever he’s at in his journey. I can even switch up the meals I want to order every week! It’s awesome knowing I don’t have to work extremely hard for my pup to have awesome health!

2. Convenient Subscription Delivery Service

Unlike other human-grade foods for dogs, there's no fridge, prep, or clean-up required. Just pour Sundays into a bowl and watch your pup devour it. Easy, breezy. Sundays even delivers right to your door! With an extremely convenient subscription delivery service, you don’t even have to think twice about ordering your dog’s food—it just shows up, like magic! This is one of my favorite things about Sundays. With four kids and a busy schedule, planning my dog’s food every week could fall off the radar and he could end up eating the generic store bought stuff that isn’t good for him. With just the click of a button, Sundays shows up at my door and is ready for Pepper to dig in to. I’m not sure if it could get any better than that!

3. The Best Customer Experience For Humans and Hounds Alike

Dogs are family, not pets. They deserve real food, not kibble. But who has the time for dealing with the fridge, prep, and clean-up? Sundays makes it so much easier to be a better dog parent to Pepper, and I know he’s getting the nutrients he needs. What’s better? Pepper LOVES the food! Whether he’s eating the Beef or Chicken recipe, Pepper’s happiness is infectious when feeding time rolls around. All I have to do is pour and serve! Doesn’t get much easier than Sundays.

Sundays has made life with Pepper so much more enjoyable as he is the dog he is meant to be—joyful, energetic, healthy, and strong—all thanks to natural, whole ingredients in Sundays meals. And Pepper agrees! He is so much lighter on his feet and more energized than I’ve ever seen him before. I’m so glad Pepper and I found Sundays!

About the author

Rachelle Swannie

Rachelle and Justin are Southern California based vloggers who document their family life experiences. They enjoy sharing DIY projects, educational activities, cooking and cleaning tips, and everyday life with their followers.

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  • Aliser2 months ago

    We need to treat our most loyal friends well

  • srinivasan2 months ago

    Your article is very nice and I wish you to continue writing like this.Please feel free to read my articles and share your comments. I kindly request you to follow me.

  • De Ji Yue2 months ago

    Pet life is also good ah

  • Rachel Caspari2 months ago

    Pet health feeding is also a learning curve, thanks for sharing.

  • Hendrickx Wuest2 months ago

    Now that you have it, you should get to know it better and give it a different kind of love

  • Joel Lake2 months ago

    Very beautiful!

  • Marl Gore2 months ago

    The article is very well written and I really enjoyed it.

  • Grilli Fromong2 months ago

    I really enjoyed your description of the dog, thank you

  • Janno Vino2 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Your descriptions are so vivid.

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