You’re Amazing!

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Positive vibes for everyday

You’re Amazing!

You’re so unique and special and you maybe don’t even think about it. Think of the rarest thing in the world to you. Maybe it’s a handbag or a super car or a one of a kind signed piece of sports memorabilia. There are so many options depending on what you enjoy and personally think are special.

Whatever it is you’ve chosen, you’re rarer than that. There’s only one of you, not just on Earth with over 7 billion people living here, across the whole universe. Millions of stars and plants and parts of the galaxy that we don’t even know are there yet. I’d say that’s pretty special.

I think it’s easy these days with how busy our lives are, with how hard we work to earn enough money to have a good quality of life, and with the new social media channels that we all see everyday, which bombard our senses and perceptions of what success and beauty are, that we can maybe do a disservice to just how awesome we are.

I always remember being told that I wasn’t a clone and that I should think for myself and stay true to who I am. I think it’s hard to maintain that sense at times, particularly with the pressures that we have through the natural human nature of wanting to have approval from our peers, and friends and colleagues. It can be hard not to fall down the “likes and retweet’s” rabbit hole. Have you ever taken down a post because you didn’t hit a certain number of likes? You’re not alone if you have but I would always say, do you. Do what makes you feel happy. If you love that pic of you, post it and enjoy it and be proud of it.

One big thing that really helps me and that’s something I’ve had to train myself in, is gratitude. Being grateful for what I have and making the conscious decision to put positive vibes out into the universe to attract those back. Sure life is tough at times but I realised that if I chose to focus on those parts, I wasn’t helping myself to see the best parts of what I do have. Sometimes it’s just small changes like trying to smile more when going about the day and not sweating over the small stuff that turns a regular day, into a really good one.

Some other tips I’ve picked up that can help me have a successful and more positive day are:

  1. Not to check social media as soon as I wake up. If you use your phone for an alarm clock, use it just for that. I try to switch off my alarm and get up pretty much straight away. It’s easy to open Instagram or social media as soon as we’re awake and look at posts that are other people’s lives and judge our own against that. Start your day off thinking about what a successful, good day looks like for you and what you’d like to achieve that day before opening your emails and social media.
  2. Drink plenty of water. I know this might sound like a pretty obvious one but when we’re busy it can be hard to make time to build this into our daily routine. Buy a good reusable bottle and make sure to fill it up as much as you can during the day. I like to fill a bottle before bed so that when I wake up in the morning I can drink it when I get up straight away. Starting hydrated will help with so many things and make you feel good as well.
  3. Building a good fitness routine and having a healthy diet really helps. It can be hard to build this routine as well, but exercising regularly, especially doing things you enjoy, will make you feel good and can be a great way to meet new people if you join a team sport or attend a fitness class. Linking this with eating can really make a great impact on your health and fitness and in turn this will help you to feel better and look at things in a more positive way.
  4. Treat yourself when you can! It doesn’t have to be big or expensive things but if you treat yourself to something you enjoy, even just once a week or once a month at payday, this can help you focus on goals and get that feel good factor for working hard. Some people maybe buy a new thing for their wardrobe when they get paid or get a takeaway on a Saturday night, do what you enjoy!

There are loads more areas that I think can help us have a great day but for my first post I wanted to just highlight some of the areas I thought were key ones. I guess the main point I wanted to share really is that you’re awesome! There’s no one like you and there won’t ever be anyone like you. Be proud of yourself, be kind to yourself and remember that you’re even more rare than that rarest thing you thought about earlier. You’ll always have yourself no matter what, so be good to yourself!

Scots Pete
Scots Pete
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Scots Pete

Hi everyone. I’m a 25 year old guy from Scotland. I love positive vibes, learning new things and believe it’s genuinely nice to be nice. The world can be tough at times so if we can help each other to have a better day then why not!

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