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better than 1 percent every day part 1 (self-development motivation)

(self-development motivation)

By TVN-Triệu NinhPublished about a month ago 4 min read

If you can't fly then run If you can't run then walk . But no matter what you're doing you have to move forward. Always tell yourself You yourself may be less intelligent than others and have a starting point, but you have to put in 3 times more effort, 4 times more, or even 10 times more. I haven't found a better way than trying with perseverance. by perseverance and constant efforts to achieve goals when you have a lower starting point than others. Everyone has a dream, I believe you do too. Whether the dream is big or small, việc đạt được ước mơ là cả một quá trình. But not everyone makes efforts to achieve their dreams. After a few stumbles, you often lose faith in your dreams and intend to give up. But I don't think Giving up is the right decision on the path to achieving your dreams. One of the things that motivates us to achieve success is faith. Faith has strong hidden power to help us achieve our goals. Do you know that in ancient battles, before going into battle, what soldiers often did was not choose the sharpest weapons or the heaviest armor, the important thing they did was is to strengthen their belief. They always have faith that they will win. They will defeat all opponents. Because belief will lead to action. Weak belief will lead to superficial actions. niềm tin mạnh mẽ sẽ dẫn đến hành động quyết liệt hơn. A player who goes into battle without faith in victory will not be able to score goals. An excellent leader who does not have confidence in himself will not be able to lead an organization, so to realize your dream, you must build yourself a belief in what you are doing, of course. must be accompanied by action, not daydreaming. During your efforts, there will certainly be failures. You will look at the person next to you and feel yourself slowing down and despairing about yourself, but why do you don't think I need to put in more effort instead of spending time feeling guilty for me success is a process not a destination no matter what your goal is a house a super car A happy family or a successful business, getting there is sooner or later. What's more important is the process of trying to achieve it. It could be the days of waking up early, the days of working, coming home late, trying to convince customers, tiring physical exercises that later when you look back, you will never regret and always be grateful for the things that help you grow more and more when You are successful, you have your own story to tell. If everything comes too easily, then there is no such thing as a challenge. If it comes easily, then how can it be called fire? The hardest thing is to know who can last until the end because the champion horse is not the fastest horse. People don't care as much about you as you think. Stay focused. focus on what you do and try to be 1% better every day ignore the criticism of those around you and until you succeed people start to notice you At first they laugh at you But over time they will gradually support you and eventually they will admire you. Work in silence and the results will speak for you. Silently persevere in pursuing your goals, you don't need to announce them to the world. The world knows what you are doing because you are accomplishing it, all the results will speak for you. People who brag too early when they are only in the middle of the race often fail because they are subjective. These people often do not have What's scary? The people you should feel scary are those who silently persevere in their efforts every day and when they achieve results, everyone around them will feel surprised and admire the limits set to break through the world. Limits are created by your own thoughts, so what Hamad Gunny once said especially seems impossible until you accomplish it. Remember how many things you initially found difficult. But then when you do it, you feel really excited. When you can't run one kilometer, you feel like it's really too difficult, so when you run 3 kilometers, you see reaching 5 kilometers as a challenge. The possibility of one kilometer is no longer your only concern. When you can't wake up at 6 o'clock, you will find it tiring. Until you can make it a habit. laugh when someone tells you that the habit of waking up at 6 a.m. is difficult and just like that, as you break through the limits you set for yourself, you will gradually believe in yourself more and be motivated. Conquer the next goals in your efforts and you will encounter failures, but I understand this feeling and you know that failure is part of the game and the longer the road, the more arduous it becomes. Failure is a ladder to help you go further, put your foot on each step.


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TVN-Triệu Ninh

I'm Ninh, born in 1992. I'm a passionate individual with a love for creativity and innovation. As an avid learner, I constantly seek new challenges to broaden my horizons and expand my skill set.

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