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You Are Always Changing, Growing, and Evolving!

by Osana Wasut 4 years ago in advice
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The only thing impossible in life is staying the same way forever.

Change is inevitable.

The month of May is just around the corner, and it's the fifth month of the year, which is the number of change in numerology. I do suspect that big changes will be happening, as this is the only thing that is constant in our universe.

Change is inevitable and the world is always in a state of change, every single moment there is change happening, and this is true too with the human being.

I know for myself, I have changed a great deal, and I continue to change, as I can no longer stay the same way I was the day before. I am constantly evolving and becoming better each day. I can not promise to stay the same, as that would be a complete lie and I know it.

This is probably why I believe so confidently in myself, and in achieving my dream life, because I know that it's possible to change oneself and to learn the skills necessary in order to do the things you want to do. I have a very strong growth mindset, which means, I believe that intelligence is not fixed, and one can always learn new skills, one can always become better than they were yesterday.

Mindset is something I study and teach, as it's one of the biggest tools for personal transformation. If you believe you can do something, then that alone is very powerful, and you will figure out a way to do it. But if you don't believe you can change, or learn what you need to learn, then it's going to be significantly harder for you to go about doing these things.

For example, let's take two people, one has a fixed mindset, the other has a growth mindset. The person with a fixed mindset feels like he is the way he is, and can never change or improve himself, he basically gives up before even trying because what's the point, he wasn't born with the skills he needed, and therefore can't acquire them...

The other person on the other hand, with a growth mindset, feels he can do anything he wants, as long as he gives it the time and dedication it needs. He knows he can always learn the skills required to make his dreams come true, and while he knows it will be a process and won't happen overnight, he is willing to give it his best effort because he knows that he can do anything!

Now, this is something that I think about frequently, because to me it's really interesting stuff. I am committed to my own personal growth, and I spend a lot of time each day studying success principle, and personal transformation.

This is why I love what I do, and I coach others on how to live exceptional lives because it's where my passion lies. I believe we are all here to live extraordinary lives, but you got to get the right mindset, or else you will give up before you reach it.

The first area I coach anyone on is mindset because I personally believe it's really important. I think anyone with the right mindset can do absolutely anything in life, but if you walk around being critical, negative and full of skepticism towards anyone who smiles at you, then that's the first thing that needs to change.

Change. There's that word again. Change is constant.

It's important because we have to acknowledge that change is always happening, and while someone might seem to be the same as they always have been, they have changed, it's actually impossible not to change.

So there is hope for everyone when you realize that no matter where you are in life, you can change, it is possible for you to change your life, change yourself, and start living the life you deserve to live.

I actually wrote an ebook on this subject because this is how passionate I feel about this, my recently released book is called, How to Reinvent Your Life and I share some powerful ideas on how you can change your entire life and your self.

Furthermore, I also offer personal and group coaching for those who are serious about changing their lives, so please feel free to go check out my site where you can find a whole plethora of things to help you along your journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if it helped you and you want to send some gratitude my way, a tip is always greatly appreciated!

Namaste, dear ones.

With love and light,

Lindsay @ World Dreamerz


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Osana Wasut

Sharing my stories with the world. Writing has been a great tool for transformation, and I feel like I am only starting to dive deep into the self. Life is a wonderful gift, live to the fullest!

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