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How I made the decision to be a writer

By Taeja WilliamsPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Writer's Inspiration
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Imagine walking down a lengthy, hollow dark forest alone and then along the way, you see a two-way path. Now at this two-way path, you’re faced with two challenging options, the first option is to follow your heart and do what you love whatever that may be. The second option is you fitting into how society views you and sticking to the status quo of the comfort-ability that life hands you. If you choose Option 1, you would most likely be faced with judgment and scrutiny from your peers who will try to talk you out of making your goals and dreams and goals come true but the end result will grant you with inner peace and you will be much happier about the person you have become. If you choose Option 2, You will live like the average human on this earth who allowed their adversity to beat them at their own game just to be comfortable with limitations on their life just because they wanted to feel socially accepted in today’s world. The end result will leave you constantly feeling as if there’s a missing puzzle piece in your life that makes you whole as a person, so you go along with life always wondering what could have been if you followed your heart. So whatever path you decide, just know there will be challenges along the way both good and bad, the question is which one would you choose?


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My decision to be a writer wasn’t an overnight decision. As I grew older into a full-fledged adult, I thought my dreams had to be put aside just so I can live a “normal” life and work a boring job just I can pay bills and still have time to have a somewhat social life. However, my adversity was my own mindset telling me that I needed to please my family and be a doctor because that’s what I was told I was going to be, but now I’m about to graduate with my Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts so obviously I didn’t go the doctor route because I wanted to rediscover myself and go back to my roots as a creative.

My love for writing started when I was a kid back in middle school when I would write my favorite genre which was horror and I used to write Stephen King type stuff, I would literally scare my teachers and my mom to death when I was younger because my writing was so graphic at the time (Don’t worry guys I’m mentally fine, nothing is wrong with me), However as time went on and I moved on to high school, my writing style progressed into more inspirational pieces for homework essays for school and I’m one of those people who find writing essays back in school relaxing and fun (Is that weird???), So I just love writing period. While I was a freshman in college, I had the opportunity to take a few writing courses that helped me significantly in becoming a better writer. As a Biology Major at the time who thought I could never step into the writing world ever again because I wanted to please my family and stick to something practical, I couldn't help but be overjoyed when I would write stories and teachers could see my love for it by noticing I would accidentally over write on every topic and my papers would end up being 5 to 6 pages long full of knowledge and passion. I clearly could go on and on about any topic given at me and My creativity expanded so much during my 1st year of college because even though I had a hard time expressing myself verbally, my words were transferred through my writing and even made some people emotional. My writing moved people and from that moment on I knew I had to pursue it some kind of way if not full-time.

My Journey

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This decision to be a writer was a hard one for me because for a long time I cared about what people thought of me and I thought I had to be unhappy so that other people can see that “I succeeded at something” when really I didn’t because I would feel like I’m pleasing other people instead of myself. As I began to contemplate on whether or not I should blog, I began to overthink and become scared (anxiety)because I didn’t know if you guys (the readers) would enjoy my content but after I had a deep and intense, well-needed talk with my good friend/boyfriend of mine, I realized that it doesn’t matter what people think of me, what matters is the passion I have for it and the lengths I’m willing to go on to make sure this passion succeeds. I’m not sure where this passion will take me but I’m ready to find out because my dream is to inspire and uplift people all over the world to pursue their dreams and goals whatever that may be. I chose this image above because of the message it perceived and the positive effects it has when I read it. To me it symbolizes an action to always challenge yourself no matter what it is in life you want to pursue. In life, we all have 2 choices to make, to make other people happy or to make yourself happy. I choose myself, What do you choose?


About the Creator

Taeja Williams

Hi, I'm 24 years old and I just loved writing about random stuff ever since I was in middle school. To me, writing shows both my sweet side and my dark side all at the same time. I can be myself in my writing and no one will judge me.

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