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Wild Rides and Dark Nights Come to an End in Bali — for Now

It’s time for a new challenge and bigger things ahead.

By Rob Hourmont Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Marina Sands Bay Hotel, Singapore

As much as I love Bali and always will, I have to say 2.5 years non-stop on the island due to the pandemic was a bit much. It became pretty monotonous and frustrating, with little to nothing going on in most popular tourist towns, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

I spent the last few weeks exploring the island and trekking in nature. However, even I can get bored with that. When there’s practically nothing going on and little chance for new life adventures, with so few people around (compared to regular times), enjoying life isn’t easy.

On top of that, 2 difficult relationships with 2 bi-polar, schizophrenic people, one in my personal and one in my business life, didn’t exactly make for pleasant “Bali dreaming island life!”

I’ll soon be writing about these two individuals’ nasty behavior.

They both certainly caused me some wild rides and sleepless dark nights, but that made me much stronger! I can thankfully say that those episodes are mostly closed in my favor, and the madness has ceased.

I managed to get out of the personal relationship without a financial loss or a brain hemorrhage, but I did lose a lot of nerves and seep.

The business matter is now in the hands of high-powered lawyers who will recover my funds and file criminal charges against the man who stole my investment.

Bali became too small for me during this time. Everybody wants to know your business, and there’s far too much gossiping going on both in real life and on social media. The Facebook groups there can be scarily nasty.

Sadly, there are next to no profitable business opportunities, at least until Bali fully re-opens to tourism, which could be another 1 to 2 years.

Time for a Change.

It was time for a change and a new challenge, which I’ve found in Singapore.

While neighboring countries are open to travel without quarantine with sophisticated vaccine and testing tools in place, Indonesia remains in the dark ages of quarantine and expensive visas.

This, of course, is no incentive for tourists to visit Bali.

I safely landed in Singapore a couple of days ago. Oh man, that was a rough and tough trip, with all the paperwork, testing, more testing, and screening required.

Air travel hasn’t been fun in a long time, but now it’s pretty much a horror-shit-show.

All you can do is shut up, comply, bite your tongue, put your head down and take a lot of deep breaths to stay calm and make it to the other side without having a fit or a heart attack!

On the other hand.

Singapore is hustling and bustling, full of life and opportunities. It’s a breath of fresh air to be back in this beautiful, clean and exciting city again.

Here in Singapore, we’re setting up two new ventures:

Keto for Life Nutrition, Massage, and Coaching Services

Keto Crunch Bakery, Café, and Cocktail Lounge

In Singapore, folks appreciate the services we provide, and they can’t wait to get their hands on REAL healthy and natural foods, along with 100% sugar and wheat-free baked goodies! It’s going to be a pleasure to serve them.

While I enjoyed my time in Bali, it was time to put my skills and knowledge to work in a vibrant city and exit the false sense of “living the Bali dream.”

Many are stuck in that false sense of reality and will be for a long time until it’s too late.

I’ll be back in Bali in a few months. Once tourism is back in full swing, I’ll undoubtedly invest there again and hopefully create new jobs helping the local economy return to its glory days.

For now, I’ll let the dust settle and enjoy my real-life and exciting projects in Singapore!




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